SMG Bookings Is Now TotalVision Talent (TVT)

SMG Bookings Is Now TotalVision Talent (TVT)

Respected music industry artist management company, SMG Bookings (SMG) is now TotalVision Talent (TVT). The new company aims to deliver for its artists an expanded reach that encompasses bookings, artist and business management, and further brand-building via its concepts offerings. Some of the artists falling under the former SMG group include (in alphabetical order): Adina Butar, Anske, BT, Davey Asprey, Daxson, Denzo, Fisherman, Grube & Hovsepian, Haliene, Jam El Mar, Jerome Isma-Ae, Jes, Markus Schulz, Mike Efex, and Nifra. An expanded artist roster — of both established and aspiring artists, DJs, producers and content-creators — will join the ranks of those formerly signed with SMG. New additions to the TotalVision Talent (TVT) roster include (in alphabetical order): Avenue One, Estiva, GVN, KhoMha, Rinaly, Sam Wolfe, Weekend Heroes, and Yoshi & Razner. Concepts to-date include 'Coldharbour Night' and 'Down The Rabbit Hole,' with more to be announced.

Said SMG founder and president, the internationally acclaimed electronic dance music (EDM) producer and DJ, Markus Schulz, of the new TotalVision Talent (TVT) company:

"With TotalVision Talent, our dedicated team of best-in-class industry veterans will be able to offer artists on our roster not only live performance bookings, but management and concepts. For artists of all accomplishment levels, TVT will be able to offer a full suite of management-related services ranging from '360' arrangements to individualized goal-specific management consulting for artists with their own management teams in place. Joining the TVT family will enable artists to benefit from the agency's vast wealth of industry-specific expertise, even if they opt to not have us as their full-time management team. There is a need for this level of management consulting in the EDM industry and TVT is uniquely qualified for making that a reality." TVT's "concepts" division will facilitate brand-building and the formation of aesthetic creations that further empower artists in their quest of bringing their art to the world.

Artists previously represented by SMG Bookings (SMG) will continue to enjoy full representation under the newly formed TotalVision Talent (TVT) agency. The changeover in companies is effective immediately.

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